Meet Justoneus

Justin Schwartzman, also known as Justoneus, emerges as a multifaceted creative force, entrepreneur, and inventor. Nurtured and shaped by the untamed allure of Northern California, he skillfully intertwines his diverse passions, crafting a distinct narrative that celebrates innovation and the art of self-expression.

Versatile Musician:

Since a young age, Justin has been generously sharing his musical talents with the world. Transitioning from the Bay Area to the thriving artistic community of Humboldt County, he began a musical odyssey that involved performing with distinguished bands and making meaningful contributions to numerous albums. Demonstrating his prowess across an array of instruments such as saxophone, trombone, trumpet, keyboards, bass, guitar, and vocals, Justin's mastery highlights both his adaptability and unwavering commitment to his artistic journey. While reggae remains a cornerstone of his studio endeavors, his musical scope effortlessly spans genres including funk, hip-hop, jazz, rock, folk, and timeless classics, a testament to the inexhaustible well of his creative spirit.

A Path to Invention:

Justin's ingenuity sparked a turning point in 2019 when he transformed a simple cardboard box into a delightful game—a precursor to the captivating Bounskee. The journey to develop Bounskee led him to collaborate with his friend turned mentor Jeremy Harris, owner of Woodlab Designs, setting the foundation for a journey of invention and creativity.

A Story of Resilience:

Navigating the challenges of life, including a profound shift due to the pandemic, Justin's commitment to his passion remained unwavering. Amidst the upheaval, he found a way to contribute at Woodlab Designs, deepening his skills and expanding his understanding of design and building. This journey paved the way for the realization of his Bounskee dream—a game that merges sport with art and builds community through healthy competition.

Artistry Meets Business:

Justin's entrepreneurial spirit came to the forefront as he introduced Bounskee to the world. He faced setbacks, including a Kickstarter campaign that didn't meet its goal, but a pivotal tournament revealed that people resonated with the wood version of Bounskee more than cardboard. With determination and vision, he cultivated a niche for Bounskee, introducing engraved versions and branded backboards.

A Vision Unveiled:

Participating in the reality show competition, the Blox, reshaped Justin's perspective and ignited a larger mission. He realized that Bounskee aligned with his vision of fostering connection, self-expression, and growth. Embracing the name Justoneus—a fusion of "Just One Us"—he encapsulated his mission to unite people through creativity and and encouraging positive self-expression.

Beyond Bounskee:

Justin's creative spirit extends beyond Bounskee. In 2023, he developed his second invention, now called Coaster Cubbies- a unique box design that allows for the creation of nesting boxes in many shapes. His musical pursuits are ongoing, and he's actively engaged with non-profit organizations that resonate with his mission. He's also delved into metaphysics and consciousness, paving the way for thought-provoking ideas awaiting further exploration.

The Journey Ahead:

As Justin transitions to a new chapter in Oregon, his passion for creation remains steadfast. Equipped with a wealth of experience in design, laser cutting and engraving, and innovation, he looks forward to sharing his skills, products, and creativity with a broader audience. With a heart full of purpose and a desire to empower his son's journey, Justoneus is poised to continue weaving his unique story—one that inspires, uplifts, and fosters a better world.

Stay tuned as the adventure unfolds—a late bloomer in his mid-40s, Justoneus is only getting started, and his journey is one you won't want to miss.

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